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CiviCRM Deployment

Pre-Implementations Services

  • Top level needs assessment: Is CiviCRM right for your Organisation?
  • Stakeholder Consultation;
  • System Modelling;
  • Documenting;
  • Systems Functional Requirements documents.

Projects’ Supervision and Change Management

Increase success factors of projects with planning and high level monitoring.

  • Create and Monitor the Project’s Governance and Risk Management Plans;
  • Change Management;
  • Reporting.

System Design, Implementation and Project Management

Projects that EOK implements for its customers include:

  • System’s Architecture;
  • Full Implementation and Deployment of Web-Based Information, Management, Knowledge, Reporting and Communication System;
  • Data Migration;
  • Documentation.

Post-Implementation Services

Proactive post implementation services are crucial for the long term success and usefulness of information systems to the organisations.

  • Committed Post-Implementation Assistance and Support;
  • Internal Proficiency Building;
  • Optimisation;
  • Reviews;
  • Continuous Improvement and Enhancements;
  • Governance;
  • Education.

Other Services