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CiviCRM 101 Free Webinar


I have been deploying CiviCRM for many years now and love it. I strongly believe that any community sector organisation looking for a CRM should consider CiviCRM, for its amazing functionality and great value.

Periodically, Edge of Knowledge hosts an introductory webinars showcasing CiviCRM. These are nontechnical, business-process oriented general introductions to CiviCRM, how to get started, resources available and questions answered. Recording of a session can be found here, on CiviCRM's YouTube channel.

Contact us to arrange a personal CiviCRM introduction session .

You can register to attend future webinars, hosted by different CiviCRM specialists, here.

Find out more about CiviCRM on the CiviCRM site or on my site

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Nili Steiner is a Director at Edge of Knowledge, Consultant and Project Manager focusing on technology use in the community sector.