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Consulting & Project Management

Maximise the benefits of technology to your organisation and minimise risks, uncertainty, conflict and expenditure. Establish policies, integrate strategies; design processes, research and select technologies; plan and monitor projects; build internal proficiency and proactively review and optimise systems.

EOK provides the following services (Click on each service title to learn more):

Business Consulting

Design or re-design business processes to support organisation strategies.         

  • Business Process Analysis, Design and Re-engineering;
  • Business Units Integrations;
  • Impact Measurement;
  • Knowledge Based Management;
  • Preparing for the Future Service Delivery Organisations.


ICT Strategy, Planning and Governance

Establish and evaluate technology policies in order to best integrate Business and Information Technology strategies.

  • Create ICT Governance Plans;
  • Monitor, Supervise and Adjust Implementations, Policies and Plans.


Pre-Implementations Services

Research and select the technologies that are needed in order to support business processes.

  • Feasibility Studies;
  • Stakeholder Consultation;
  • Systems Modelling;
  • Documenting;
  • Systems Functional Requirement documents;
  • Best Fit Information and Communication Systems Selection;
  • Providers Selection.


Projects’ Supervision and Change Management

Increase success factors of projects with planning and high level monitoring.

  • Create and Monitor Projects’ Governance and Risk Management Plans;
  • Supervise ICT providers/ Projects on behalf of the Customers;
  • Change Management;
  • Reporting.


Information Systems Design, Implementation and Project Management

Projects that EOK implements for its customers include:

  • System’s Architecture;
  • Full Implementation and Deployment of Web-Based Information, Management, Knowledge, Reporting and Communication Systems;
  • Change Management;
  • Data Migration;
  • Documentation.


Post-Implementation Services

Proactive post implementation services are crucial for the long term success and usefulness of information systems to the organisations.

  • Committed Post-Implementation Assistance and Support;
  • Internal Proficiency Building;
  • Optimisation;
  • Reviews;
  • Continuous Improvement and Enhancements;
  • Governance;
  • Education.